Q&A: How do I deal with family members who aren’t spiritual?

Dear Melanie Jade,

I am very spiritual and interested in working with my intuition and Spirit Guides, but my family members are not. They do not understand me and think I’m a freak. How do I help them understand what I do and what I believe?

Ultimately, I think we each have to find our own balance and ways of communicating (or not communicating) our beliefs with other people. Here are some things that have helped me with this process:

First, release the desire to prove your beliefs and experiences to other people. The important thing is that you believe in them. Feel good about your experiences, feel grateful for this wonderful connection, and accept yourself for who you are. I found that when I became comfortable with my beliefs and stopped trying to prove myself, other people were more accepting as well.

Second, become okay with other people choosing to not embrace spirituality. I believe that we all have different paths and lessons to learn. For some people, this lifetime is not meant to be about exploring spirituality or connecting with the Spirit World. Maybe for the lessons they are here to learn, that would only be a distraction. So, trust that they are on their perfect journey, just as you are on yours.

And finally, I’ve asked my Spirit Guides to only allow my spirituality, intuition, and what I do for a living to come up in conversation with people who will be open and accepting of how I experience the world. I believe our personal experience of spirituality is sacred, and it’s important to surround ourselves with supportive people. After asking my Guides for help with this, I’ve been amazed to notice that spirituality only comes up in conversation with people who are very supportive and open to these experiences.

There are many people in the world just like you who want someone to talk to about their experiences. Instead of focusing on the people who do not understand, build a network of loving, supportive people who do!

Sending you love and many blessings,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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