Dear Friends,

This is a totally rambling post, so don’t expect extra enlightenment, okay?  🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want it to be like and look like next year.  Mark and I already have a new design worked out, and so far it looks fantabulous.  I want to launch it on New Year’s Day but I dread the inevitable blimps and diddlesquabbles that arise when changing things up.  But that’s what tech support (aka my husband) is for, right?

My cat, Cosmo, was a crazy beast last night.  I just don’t know what to do with her.  Yes, I’m psychic, yes I know I should be patient, yes I can sit and meditate and talk with her, but I just don’t want to.  I just want to shake my head and think over and over, “Why is she acting like a crazy demon?”  I know why she’s acting this way, and even though I explained the situation to her and asked her to just get along with Midnight, that did not happen.  In fact, in a horrifying spectacle, they accidentally ended up in the same room together and by the time we got them separated, there were tufts of black Midnight hair on the floor and in Cosmo’s mouth.  I hate to think bad things about my kitty, but I really was not happy with her behavior at all.

Last night I was down in the dumpers, and the thing is, when I write about so much positivity and have quick access to my Spirit Guides whenever I want them, it’s hard to be down in the dumps.  I mean, I have to really try to be depressed.  But then when I’ve successfully depressed myself, it compounds.  Then I feel guilty for being down in the dumpers because I have no reason to be.  Then I feel guilty for feeling guilty.  See how that works?  It’s just getting past that initial positivity block that sets the ball rolling.  Actually, I had a sweet convo with my honey, where I just told him everything in my brain, and then I felt a lot better.

Did you get the latest newsletter yesterday?  I already received so much great feedback about it, and I’m so grateful for all of you who wrote to let me know how it inspired you.  You know how that came about?  I was taking the day to not think about it and just make a hundred paper-mâché balls.  Mark and I made so many jokes about how I was playing with sticky balls all day, and it was so true.  All of a sudden, I was inspired and wrote my newsletter in two minutes.  TWO MINUTES!  I felt awesome.  I think many times we’re taught in school to just keep going, keep going, push through a project, even if you’re not inspired, using willpower.  I find that when I follow my joy and work on what feels good, I get a lot more done, and I have fun the entire time.

I believe life is meant to be fun.

And that ends today’s rambles.  Thank you for listening 🙂


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