Reading Update: Celebrating Caroline’s New Home!

Reading Update - Celebrating Caroline's New Home

A little over a year ago, I did a reading for a lovely woman named Caroline. One of the things she was concerned about was finding a new home for her family. To her, it felt like there was one obstacle after another preventing that dream from coming true, so she came to me for some reassurance from her Spirit Guides.

I use the term “Spirit Guides” a little broadly, to include angels and other spiritual helpers who offer you love and positive guidance from the other side.

Caroline’s Spirit Guides told me that she was experiencing roadblocks because the timing wasn’t quite right for her family to move. They said that the process of moving would be too much of an added stress and burden for her, and her spirit wanted some relief. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. She wasn’t missing signs. It just wasn’t in her highest good to find her house at that time. This messages resonated with Caroline, and she was relieved to know what was going on.

Then her Guides told me that within 1-2 years, she would find a beautiful home in the country to move into. They showed me a picture of it. It doesn’t look quite like the glitter house in the picture. I was just showing off my latest craft project 🙂 The house I saw for Caroline was wooden, looked historic and cozy, had a big porch, and there was plenty of land around the home as well. They said that when Caroline gets her home, it will be easy and a relief. It won’t be a burden.

Glitter house - Reading Update - Celebrating Caroline's New Home

Now, a year after her reading, Caroline wrote to let me know that she is moving into her new home! She said, “I knew where we were headed as you described the house we are moving to so accurately!” She and her family will be settled into their new home in time to put up Christmas decorations, and they are excited about this next phase of their journey.

When goals don’t seem to be happening as quickly as you want them to, it’s common to think you’re doing something wrong. You might worry that you’re holding yourself back or that you have some sort of “block”.

What if it’s a blessing to not have everything you want right now? What if you’re doing everything right, and it’s just not the best timing? What if things are moving forward, even if you can’t see it yet?

I often get the message from Spirit Guides that things are moving more quickly than we realize and that what we truly want on a soul level is on its way.

Have faith, and take comfort in the fact that what you can see in your life right now is only a tiny portion of the greatness on its way.

Sending you love!


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