Recognize Your Innate Spiritual Greatness

This is a message from my Spirit Guides:

You are all beautiful, Divine Beings.  The world works better because you are in it.  You are part of the Divine Loving Power that is in all things.  Many of you do not realize your greatness.  In our eyes, you are all beautiful, Divine Creatures.  We are willing to help you see this truth about yourself, but the simplest way to start feeling this is to start telling yourself these kind words of love.

You are Divine beauty and potential.  Each life is full of greatness and beauty. When you love yourself more, your life will be brighter and filled with joy.  You cannot see the joy of the world unless you let it in.  You cannot let it in if you are telling yourself you’re not good enough.  Those two thoughts: joy and abuse, do not coincide together.  You cannot have both.  Stop abusing yourself and you will have all the joy you need.

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