Retreat to a Cabin in the Woods

Dear Friends,

Mark and I just returned from an impromptu retreat at a cabin in the woods.  It was a very special trip for Mark because his family owned the cabin when he was a child, so he showed me all the trails they would go down and where they would hop over the creek.  For me, it was a wonderful time to get away from my computer and embrace (sort of) the very very cold outdoors 🙂 Of course, I bundled up in layers upon layers first.

I don’t really have giant hands – I’m wearing Mark’s gloves.  I have my hiking boots we bought for our honeymoon trip, a long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, a fleece jacket, and my coat!  My snowflake hat, coat hood, and my mom’s red scarf complete my ensemble 😉  I was out to embrace nature figuratively and literally!

Everyone loves a hug 🙂  (Again, I don’t really have giant hands.)

I didn’t see any tree faces, but one tree in particular was very excited that we were there and asked me to take a picture of him.  If he were human, I’m sure he would be a Broadway star or some other in-the-limelight professional.

We saw these other sights on our walk through the woods…

Once we were thoroughly frozen (despite all my layers) we snuggled up in front of the fire my honey made.  He knows how to keep me happy (I get whiney when I’m cold).

Sitting in front of the fire, we sipped our hot tea and played the board game, Life.  It has been updated considerably since I was a child and was a lot of fun to play.  I won both games!  However, we call ourselves a team, so when Mark loses, he says, “I may have lost, but my team won.”  We like everyone to feel like a winner 🙂

The next day we played REAL life.  We sat at the breakfast table with our notebooks and started brainstorming about our next great adventure…stay tuned!

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