Roses From Loved Ones In Spirit

When I’m doing a reading to connect with a loved one who has passed into spirit, I get some of the messages in the form of symbols. The spirits know what my symbols are and try to use them, but sometimes they will create their own.

One of the symbols I get is a rose. If a loved one in spirit wants to let my client know that they are loved, they will sometimes show me a rose. A pink rose may symbolize an innocent love, young love, or the love from a mother to a child, for example.  A yellow rose might be given to a special friend.

To show a romantic love with deep commitment, they might show me a red rose. If a couple had a fiery, passionate relationship, I might see a coral rose.


If they weren’t able to express their love while they were living, they might show me a rose with thorns. Sometimes this happens if a parent was stern and believed in “tough love”, or if one person in a relationship spoke harshly and didn’t treat their partner as kindly as they feel they should have.

This week a husband in spirit showed his wife a beautifully crafted metal rose. He told me that the metal rose was a symbol of love that lasts forever, beyond time and beyond physical death. I thought it was a beautiful symbol to convey his feelings.

And just before a reading yesterday as I was already talking with the spirit who was going to come through, I looked out the window and saw a pinkish-purple rose in the garden. The purple rose was to convey his love to his partner.

Purple Rose

If you have lost a loved one, you can be sure that they are still sending you love from the other side. You can ask for their help or a sign of reassurance that they are still with you. Take a moment to feel their presence, feel their love in your heart, and accept these roses as a symbol of their love from the other side.


Sending much love to you!


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