Why Can Some People See Spirit Guides & Angels, and Others Cannot?

Dear Melanie Jade,

Why can some people see Spirit Guides and Angels, and some people cannot? 

Stained Glass Angel

This is a great question! I asked my Guides (I know that makes me sound like a showoff, but that isn’t my intention – lol), and here’s the message I received:

Some people see Spirits easily, and some people need *time to practice*. A lot of it has to do with conditioning. Some of us condition ourselves to believe it isn’t natural or it’s hard, and we have to recondition ourselves to tune into that energy frequency and trust what we are getting.

Everyone has their own way of communicating with us as well, just like some people are good at verbal communication, some people are great writers, and some people send their messages with sound/music. There are many different ways to communicate. If you’ve found one way particularly difficult for you, try another way. 

It takes patience and trust as well. Trust more so because the energy difference is so subtle. The messages are so subtle. It takes trust to believe they could be coming from another spiritual source (other than yourself).

Many people get frustrated and believe they aren’t getting anything, and this is more from fear. They fear they are not getting anything, as if they are not special or precious enough to be communicated with. Maybe they worry that they are truly alone. This is never the case. Everyone has Guides working with them, and we love for you to communicate with us. We love communicating with you.


I hope this helps! Keep practicing, and celebrate every little nudge, spark, and insight you receive from your Guides. Keep track of these magical occurances in your psychic journal.

Lots of love!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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