Seeing Symbols in Meditation

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When you meditate, you may become aware of symbols that come into your mind. Anything can be a symbol – colors, animals, geometric shapes, numbers, people, food, scenes, etc.

Without becoming distracted from your meditation, take note of the symbols that stand out to you, so you can look up their meaning when your meditation is over. The symbols you see will most likely be special messages to you and enhance your meditation experience.

Is it a Symbol?

Seeing symbols is different from letting your mind wander and coming up with your own scenarios. For example, if you start thinking about your grocery list and then see yourself going through the grocery store, that’s probably not a symbol. However, if you suddenly see yourself flying, but you know you didn’t consciously put that image in your head, it might be a symbol for you.

How do you know if something is a symbol or if you’re making it up? Pay attention to how your energy feels. Does your energy feel receptive? Are you peacefully open and allowing messages to come into your awareness? Or, does your energy feel outward-moving and in the process of creation? If you are allowing and a symbol or scene comes into your awareness, then it is probably a message for you.

Symbols Enhance Meditation

Recently, as I was beginning my meditation, I realized that I was looking at the image of a praying mantis. In Ted Andrew’s book, Animal-Speak, he writes that the praying mantis is associated with the “power of stillness,” a symbol of the knowledge and power that can be accessed when we quiet our mind and look within. It makes sense that I saw this symbol as I was beginning my meditation.

Later in my meditation, I saw my Spirit Guides and asked them to send me a sign that I would achieve a financial goal I was working on. Then, one of my Guides put a beautiful, elaborate diamond and citrine necklace around my neck. It looked like something royalty would wear. Immediately, I felt wonderful waves of energy flowing into my body from the necklace. After my meditation, I wondered about the metaphysical meaning of citrine gemstones. According to, a metaphysical website, “Citrine is best known for attracting money.” That was the sign I had asked for!

You can treat your meditations like your dreams, taking note of important symbols and looking up their meanings to enhance your meditation process and understand messages from your Spirit Guides.

Symbolism Resources

When you look up a symbol, you will probably find many different suggested meanings. Go with the one that stands out most and feels right to you.

Comprehensive Symbol This website has meanings for animals, plants, numbers, colors, and almost anything else you can think of.

Animal SymbolsAnimal-Speak by Ted Andrews is the best resource I’ve found for animal symbolism. You can also search online and usually find excerpts from his book.

Color Symbolism – Shutterstock has a great post about the Symbolism of Color & Color Meanings Around the World.

Gemstone Symbolism – I found to be a good resource.


If you have a meditation symbolism story or a great symbolism resource to share, please share it in your comment below.

I hope this article helps you get the most meaning from your meditations and messages from your Spirit Guides.

Lots of love to you!


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