A Sign From God – Story From a Hospice Nurse

A Sign From God - Stories From a Hospice Nurse

My mom is a nurse, and throughout my life I’ve heard amazing stories from her that probably have a lot to do with why I do the work that I do. Her stories helped me see beyond what was happening in my daily life. They helped me see that we are all loved and taken care of and that we are all part of some greater loving presence.

A few weeks ago I shared some of her stories of getting signs from┬áloved ones who have passed. Today I’m sharing her story of receiving a sign from God while taking care of a patient. Whether you use the term “God” or something else to describe this loving presence, I think you’ll be moved by this story.

(Note: There is a reference to dying and drug use in this story. It’s not graphic, but I wanted to let you know in case┬áthere are small children around or if you are sensitive to those subjects.)

I hope this story from my mom reminded you that you are taken care of and looked after, even during those times when you feel most alone and when you are struggling. You are loved, and you are watched over. Ask for a sign if you need reassurance.

If you have a special story of receiving a sign, I’d love to hear it. You can write it in the comments below, or contact me.

Sending you love,


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