Keep Going! Life is About to Blossom

Dear Friends,

Mark and I took a walk on Valentine’s Day, and something really stood out to me.  We walked by tree after tree, and from a distance, they looked pretty bare.  They didn’t have the obvious signs of life, like leaves and flowers, that they wear in the spring and summer.

tree branches that look bare

In fact, anyone taking a cursory look at them might believe they were dead trees that would never blossom again.

bare tree branches against a blue sky

However, when I took a closer look, I realized they were full of life.  Each branch was covered with buds garnering the energy and sunshine needed to blossom.  The tree that looked dead was actually brimming with potential.  Even though the casual observer wouldn’t be able to see it now, in a few weeks time this tree will be resplendent, with leaves and flowers covering every branch.  Seemingly overnight all those beautiful buds of potential will blossom.

Hand behind a tree bud

I started thinking about my life and the times I may look at certain areas of my life and think that nothing is happening and no progress is being made.  Because the signs of change are not obvious, I may discount those areas of my life as failures or a waste of time.  But if I could just look closer….If I could see those areas with a trained eye…I might realize they are just like a tree in winter.  All the energy needed to produce a tree full of blossoms and leaves in spring is within the tree in winter.  If I give up on the tree or those areas of my life that seem stagnant sometimes, if I lose faith, I will miss the beautiful blossoming just around the corner.

Tree with White Blossoms

I’ve just got to keep going…

…and keep believing.

Spring is just around the corner!


Melanie Jade

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