Spirit Guides on Divine Timing

Today I came across a message from my Spirit Guides about Divine Timing that I was led to share with you. I asked my guides, “What would you like to tell me about Divine Timing?”

Dear, we have told you many times, Diving Timing is all there is.  Things happen when they’re meant to happen, and you wouldn’t want them any other way, not really.  You see that all in the universe is working together, like a large machine with many gears and wheels.  If one wheel stops or hesitates, the whole machine is thrown off.  Of course, if we followed your timing, the wheel would go hyper fast.  But that would not be what’s best for the machine.  You know that we cannot tell you what to do, but we can tell you this.  Amazing things are coming your way.  No matter what you decide, incredible changes are being made in the framework of your life that you have started and that you will enjoy.  Treasure these changing times, because it is a sign of progress.

I also found this entry about Divine Timing from one of my journals:

Everything happens in Divine timing, even you, precious one.  When things seem to not be happening, just know that there are things that cannot be seen on your plane.  What you see is only a fraction of what IS.  Set your sights and work toward it, one step at a time.  You may wander back and forth, but you always know the next step.  Listen to your inner voice and you always know the next step.

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