Spirit Guides Talk About Conceiving Children

1270508_beach_playa_12I was just about to fall asleep tonight when I was led to write an article about Learning Your Spirit Guide’s Name.  During that channeling, I received this message, which I feel is the true purpose for me waking up.  I don’t know who this message is for, but I know someone will stumble upon it and find it useful.

Some of these names refer to our energy characteristics, much like you would name a child and look up the meaning to make sure it is characteristic of qualities you feel your new child will have. In actuality, you do not choose the name, but the child coming into being leads you to the name the spirit wishes to be called.  Names shape the character and mission of the soul.  There is so much about children and birthing and creating a life that is overlooked and not understood on your plane.  It is a tremendous transition for the energy involved and must be treated with care, gentleness, and appreciation of the process.

When an energy comes into the Earth plane, it comes at the perfect time.  I am now speaking to all the parents who are wanting a child and discouraged because the child’s energy is not coming through when you want it to.  We are sorry that this causes you much distress.  So much goes on on the energy side of things that is more than we can explain in this message.  However, let us reassure you that it is not due to a failure on the part of the parent.  Whatever the doctors say is the reason, it is only a physical manifestion of a situation in which the energy is not ready to come.  Please do not take this upon yourselves as a personal failure.  We see many loving beings, loving parents doing this, and we only wish you to feel love and joy.  Know that the child will come in the perfect time.

Why are you refering to them as parents if they don’t have a child?

Parents in spirit.  When two people decide they are ready to bring a child into the world, they are parents in spirit.  They have entered into an agreement with energy to bring forth another being into the Earth plane.  Before it physically manifests as a child, they are already parents in energy terms.  It is just like the energy blueprints you referred to.  The blueprint for parent is already there, so it is already so in energy terms.  However, timing is crucial.  That’s why astrology and other arts around birthdates are so studied and accurate.  The time the energy comes into the earth plane says a lot about that energy’s mission and vision while on the earth plane.  There is more to this than we can go into in this message.  However, let us end that section with saying again that the parents are not at fault.  Just know that there is a big decision by the energy you will bring into the world, and release the aspect of timing, because that is not up to you to determine.

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