Spirit Guides Talk About Prayer

Hi Friends!

The message from my Spirit Guides today is about prayer:

Prayer is wonderful. We love to hear prayer. It is like music to us. It is your loving plea for help and answers, your recognition that there is something more (a spiritual existence beyond what we know in the physical realm). However, after you pray, stay silent for a few moments and just listen. We can answer some of your prayers and concerns right away. Be receptive, ready, and open to hear the messages or solutions we will send your way.

You have to be in a different mindset about your situation after you pray than before you pray. Before you pray, you don’t know another way you can help your situation. You don’t know what you can do, and that is why you ask for our help. After you pray, you know you have asked for our help, so your mind should be a little lighter at least. Now you know you’ve asked for help and we have heard, you see? But usually what we see is bemoaning a trouble, prayer, and still bemoaning. While you are in the same mindset, you will not see the solution we have sent to you. You just won’t see it. It is not that your prayers aren’t answered, you just won’t be receptive to see or hear the answer. So pray, then be silent and receptive. Balance out your actions. After your prayer, know that we have heard you and are helping you with your concerns, and just release. Free up your mind to work on other matters in your life. We are taking care of the other and will give you insight as needed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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