How do I know if I’m hearing my Spirit?

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When you ask for guidance, do you ever wonder if the response you hear is from your Spirit or just your mind? As you are continually creating your ideal life and seek inner guidance, it’s important to be able to distinguish between the voice of your Spirit and the voice of your head. Knowing this distinction will also help you be able to trust your intuition.

Today I Listen to My Spirit

An easy way to tell if you are hearing your Spirit is to ask yourself, “Is the message loving?” Do you feel good when you hear the messages? If you do, then it’s the voice of your Spirit. Your Spirit always sees the bigger picture. It is calm, loving, and wise.

In contrast, the messages that come from your head may be  judgmental, fearful, or limiting. If the messages you receive when you ask for guidance don’t feel good to you, you’re hearing your own thoughts.

An easy way to get in touch with the voice of your Spirit is to do a short meditation. Try my 7 minute Sun Meditation or listen to any of my online podcasts. These will help you feel calm, peaceful, and connected to your Spirit again. Then, you can ask for guidance and be sure you are hearing the wonderful higher wisdom that we all have access to.

If you are wanting to know what messages your Spirit or Spirit Guides have for you at this point in your life,  join me for a psychic reading. It’s amazing how quickly you can turn your life around, feel more peaceful, and feel empowered to move forward with confidence once you hear the loving messages and insight from your Spirit Guides.

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