Spirit Guides and Telepathy

Hi Friends!

As you are learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides, remember that Spirit Guides can communicate via telepathy. This means that you may receive words, sounds, images, scents, and feelings through your energy field.

Sometimes, people expect to see their Spirit Guide’s lips moving to prove they are talking to them. Or, they may only give credence to messages if they hear them with their physical ears. Some people also expect to see Spirit Guides with their physical eyes, as if they are standing right in front of them in physical form. If they don’t experience those indicators, they think they must be imagining the messages they are getting. If you have this expectation, you may overlook or disregard the messages they are sending to you telepathically. When you realize that Spirit Guides can communicate using telepathy, you can pay attention to what you are receiving and give credit to it.

So, as you are meditating or having your tea time with Spirits, pay attention to what you are feeling and sensing with your body. Spirit Guides use your energy field to communicate messages, so what images are coming into your mind? What scents are you aware of? What songs, words, or concepts are you receiving? Pay attention to those special messages, even if your mind doesn’t understand how you received them. As you practice communicating with your Guides more and more, it will become much easier for you to recognize the messages you are receiving during your meditations, as well as during your daily life.

Many blessings to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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