Spiritual Car Issues: Part 2

I have another car story for you.  One Sunday several years ago I was in a very big rush.  I woke up late for church and hurried to get ready.  I drove the 30 minutes to church, and the second the service was out, I drove quickly home again because I’d forgotten my cell phone and I was planning on attending a church meetup for lunch that day.  My plan was to go to the lunch meetup, leave a little early, and change clothes in the car on the way to a friend’s house because I was going to a concert that afternoon/evening.  I ran into my house, grabbed my cell phone and change of clothes, and ran out.  I started my car and began backing down the driveway, when all of a sudden my car stopped.  It turned off.  I was pretty shocked because my car hadn’t had any issues before, and who has a car that just turns off mid-drive?  I turned the keys back and forth.  Still nothing.  I was halfway in the alley, so I put my car into neutral and pushed it up the driveway while steering all by myself (I’m pretty proud, can’t you tell?).  I thought, If nothing else, now I know I can push a car up an incline by myself. 🙂  I tried to start my car again.  Nothing.

I texted Mark at the time to say I couldn’t make it to the lunch (that was before we started dating — now you see why I was so intent on spending more time with him at the lunch meetup!).  I looked up the auto repair place I trust to see if they were open on a Sunday.  I called them, and they said they could get me in if I could get the car there.  I took a moment to stop and breathe.  I knew there was a positive reason for this happening.  I looked inward, and I felt the message from my guides that this happened to get me to slow down.  I had been rushing back and forth and needed to take a breather.  I told them I couldn’t afford to have a big problem with my car and that I wanted to go to the concert that night.  I got the feeling that everything would be fine, I just needed to slow down.

So, I grabbed my favorite book, refilled my ice water, and went to try to start my car again.  It started.  I had visions of being in the middle of the road going 40+ mph and my car suddenly stopping.  However, despite my fears, I felt that I would make it there okay.  I started driving, and as I went to get on the main road, an eagle started flying above my car in the direction that I was driving.  I felt again that my Spirit Guides were with me and that everything would be fine.  I felt over and over that my car was fine and that I just needed to slow my life down.  I told them in my head, Okay, but I expect this to be less than $100 to fix, because that’s what I can afford.

I made it safely to the auto repair place, and everyone there was super nice.  I explained the issue, and they went to work.  I began reading my book, feeling wonderfully peaceful and relaxed.  At one point, I realized I was very hungry (I hadn’t eaten lunch), but I didn’t have enough change in my purse and my only food option was a snack machine.  I asked one of the mechanics if he had change for five dollars, but he didn’t.  Instead, he bought my peanut M&Ms for me (the most substantial snack in the snack machine).  It was so incredibly sweet of him!  I felt so taken care of.

Finally, the shop owner came in to tell me the results of the tests they completed.  He said they couldn’t find anything wrong with my car.  The tests came back to show everything working perfectly, they didn’t see anything wrong, and they drove it around without encountering any issues.  I said, “Oh, wow.  So I just owe you for the tests?”  I can’t remember now how much they were, but I think they were between $50-100.   He said, “No, ma’am, we only charge if we find something.  It’s free.”

I’m just going to give you a moment to let that sink in.  Free.  Have you ever been to a mechanic, had them spend several hours inspecting your car, and then not get charged for it?  Me neither.

I got out just when it was time to head toward my friend’s house.  I’d never been there before, so I checked my directions several times.  When I arrived at one particular intersection, I didn’t know whether to turn right or left.  I realized I was hungry (I’d only had the M&Ms after all), and really wished there was a Boston Market around (this was when I ate meat).  I looked to my left, and there it was, a big sign for Boston Market.  I was shocked at my incredible manifesting abilities, let me tell ya.  As I went to do a U-turn to get there (and realizing I’d gone the wrong way initially), I saw another sign that piqued my interest.  My mom had started a new job, and I’d never been to it before.  I didn’t even know where it was, but I saw a sign with the name of where she worked on it.  I thought this was surely an incredible thing to happen, so I stopped my car and walked in.  Sure enough, there was my mom, as shocked as I was!  I told her the entire story, how one incredible thing after another had happened.  If I hadn’t gotten “lost”, I would never have seen the Boston Market or visited my mom that day.

Can you see why I feel like my life has a magical quality to it?  I have a million stories like this one.  Just wait until you hear about how Mark and I met.  That’s one for the storybooks.  And another blog post…

Much love,


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