Spiritual Car Issues: Part 3 (What?!)

Hello Friends!

As you might have guessed, I had car issues the day before yesterday.  The night before, Mark and I had agreed that I would drop him off at his grandfather’s in the morning and come pick him up on the way to dinner with my grandparents that evening.  As I was trying to get to sleep, I noticed I felt ancy about driving the car.  I’ve been driving for years and never had an issue, so I didn’t know why I was suddenly feeling anxious about it.  The next morning I felt the same way.  I tried to push it out of my mind, but I still felt it.  On the way to his grandfathers, I suggested that I take the cell phone in case  something happens while I’m driving.  (I have my own cell phone, but I suspended it while we were traveling for three months and haven’t turned it back on yet.)  He logically stated that if something happened everyone around me would have a phone I could use and that he needed it.  I mentioned it twice more, same result.  After I dropped him off and started driving away, I felt really strongly that I should have gotten the phone from him because I felt like something was going to happen.  What if I needed to call 911?

Home was a 40 minute drive away.  As I was driving down the highway, I thought about my tires.  Instead of generally wondering what was going to happen with my car, I felt that it would be an issue with my tires.  There was nothing I could do about it then but pray, so I asked my angels to carry my car safely home or wherever I was headed.  It’s funny, because I literally felt like my car was floating on air and being carried above the road.

Halfway home I got the nudge to turn off the highway and go to Joanne Fabrics.  I like crafts and such, but I thought, “Why would I want to go there?  I’m not going to buy anything.”  I didn’t have my debit card or any cash with me.  However, as I got closer to the exit for Joanne’s, the feeling got stronger.  I decided to follow my intuition, got off the highway, and went to Joanne’s.  When I got out of my car, my back tire was completely flat.  I hadn’t felt anything the entire time I was driving, and I have no idea how long it had been flat.  Like I said, my car felt like it was floating on air.

I went into Joanne’s and called my husband (awww…my sweet man), who said he would come over right away.  While I was waiting for him, I thought about how my Guides had taken care of me the entire morning.  They’d let me know something was going on the night before, urged me to get the phone, led me safely off the highway, and right to a store I could enjoy looking through while I was waiting.  My husband was coming because I didn’t have any money with me, and at that point I didn’t even have a game plan.  While I was on the phone with him, I looked up and saw the mall across the street.  The mall has a Sears auto center, which is where I bought my tires two years ago.  I felt another rush of gratitude as I realized I could just drive my car over there and easily get it fixed.

Mark came, we had a wonderful lunch, and we walked around the mall while our car was being fixed.  I just wanted to hug and cry, I hadn’t been feeling so hot that morning, and I have been thinking about a lot lately and just needing some comforting, so we sat down on the floor in the bedding section of Macy’s while I cried my eyes out.  I was so thankful we’d been brought together that day so I could be comforted by my love.  What a great gift.


Melanie Jade

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