Spiritual Car Issues: Part 5

Hello Friends!

This story (the fifth car story – holy cow….or I guess, holy car! Ha!) is just a quickie about being taken care of when having car issues.  You see, I have always dreaded having car issues.  I think that’s because my mom always dreaded having car issues.  At times when I was younger, car issues were an unexpected financial burden.  When I figured that out, I realized that I didn’t have to dread having car issues.  I decided I wanted to feel good about my car and know that everything happens for a positive reason, even things that happen with my car.  Since that time, I have found great comfort in how I’ve been taken care of when I’ve had car issues and the messages I’ve received from my guides about the positive reason for the issues.

When I taught ballroom dancing, we got off work after ten at night.  It was late, I was tired, and my car didn’t start.  Bummer.  One of my co-workers tried to jump the battery, but it still wouldn’t start.  It wasn’t just dead, it was dead and buried.  I called Mark and told him what happened, and he drove from across town to pick me up.  In the meantime, I went out for a late dinner with my co-workers and had a good time.  Mark picked me up and drove me to the studio to check out my car.  I told him there was only one place in town I trusted to work on my car, and I couldn’t quite remember where it which block it was on.  I thought about it and suddenly remembered it was on the same street the dance studio was on (I hadn’t been working at that location for very long, so I wasn’t very familiar with the area).  We walked around the corner from the studio, and there it was!!!  The parking lot of the studio connected to the next two buildings, and the second building was the auto repair shop!  It was dark so we wouldn’t have to dodge other cars coming in and out of the busy shopping area.  Even better, the lot sloped down toward the auto shop, so after an initial push, I just had to steer the car right into the parking lot!  If that is not great luck, I don’t know what is.  However, I know it’s more than luck – I’m always taken care of, and things always work out for the best for me, even if they seem at first like they’re not.

My car just needed a new battery, and it was fixed, easy peasy, the next morning.  Hooray!

Melanie Jade

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