Spring Day Journal

Hello Everyone!

It is so bright, sunny, and Springish today ūüôā ¬†I just love this weather. ¬†Kitty Cosmo is walking on the windowsill and checking out the outside world. ¬†She’s already chased several birds and a fly today, as well as taking a cozy nap in the sunshine.

I’ve just been working on more content for the website. ¬†There’s so much I’m working on, and I’m really excited about it. ¬†I made 3 new meditation tracks the other week, and I’m listening to all of them to see if it’s really obvious that I was stuffed up with a head cold when I recorded them. ¬†(“dis is da thun medidaton”). ¬†I’m already adding the music to one of the tracks and going to be working on the others soon. ¬†Those should be up and running very shortly.

I’m also making videos! ¬†Well, I’m thinking about making videos ūüôā ¬†I have all the equipment in our apartment now, including a green screen, which I’m debating on using. ¬†I need to just record a little bit and see how easy it is to work with. ¬†I have a mind full of ideas for videos, so stay tuned for those as well.

In other news, I’m a new blogger for the Live Green in Plano website! ¬†Yea! ¬†That means I get to write even more about eco-friendly living. ¬†Technically, I haven’t received the code yet to begin making entries, but they said they would e-mail it to me. ¬†Yea! Yea! Yea! ¬†I wonder if North Texas wants to know about my DivaCup….hmmmm….?

In other other news, I started my second sewing project today! ¬†The tissues came out fabulously, and now I’m working on my first dress. ¬†I think I’m going to start a crafty section of this website. ¬†Once I have some completed, at least ūüôā ¬†Right now my kitchen table and dining area is covered in fabric, patterns, sewing books, and a kitty that just sneezed (aw – so cute).

Speaking of kitty, I’ve been debating whether to teach Cosmo to go to the bathroom on the toilet or not. ¬†Come on, haven’t you heard of this? ¬†Kitty potty training? ¬†Well, the technique I’ve read about is to gradually move her litter box higher up to the level of the toilet seat, then put a bowl with litter in the middle of the toilet rim, then gradually remove it. ¬†It’s a little more involved than that, but it takes weeks. ¬†Um..I don’t know if I’ve revealed this or not, but patience is not one of my virtues. ¬†Just ask Mark. ¬†So my plan is to meditate and describe to kitty what I would like her to do telepathically and see if she just starts doing it. ¬†The downside to this is that the toilet seat has to be left up, which I do not like. ¬†The upside is no cleaning the kitty litter out, less packaging, and better for the environment (because most kitty litter is actually not eco-friendly). ¬†But more on that in a different post.

I think I may need to close the window, because kitty just charged the screen to bat at a fly (the door is open, so one came in). ¬†We live on the second floor. ¬†If the screen gives way…Geronimo kitty!



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