Spring in My Heart

Only 64 days until our wedding (I just checked our wedding website to find out). We’ve been going through so many wonderful changes the past few months…make that the past few years, and I love it. Today I felt like spring was in our home because I could feel it in my heart. A bright expectancy of even more wonderful events to come. Our wedding is already going so smoothly. We’ve come up with so many fun ideas, and our family is the most loving and supportive family I could ask for. I have very close relationships with my mom, my grandma Petey, and my mother-in-love (“Muvie”), and they have constantly repeated, “Whatever you want or need me to do…” I am so blessed.

Mark is so supportive of the changes I’m going through, of course. I love that every day we ask ourselves (internally or aloud), what do we really want? What is our ideal life in each moment, and what can we do to be there or work toward that ideal now? I found a wonderful blog by Anna Maria Horner, a fabric designer, who has bright colorful photos on her website. I showed them to Mark, telling him I want our home to be filled with bright colors, our artwork, eclectic fun things, and an appreciation for all things creative. I want a sewing/writing/painting/art studio in our home. Mark loved the photos and said he wants the same things. Our home is really going to be magical. I can already picture posting before and after pictures of different projects on my website. I’m so excited!

We’re planning our trip to Europe and figuring out where we want to go. We watch Rick Steve’s videos on Hulu and make note of beautiful towns we’d like to visit. So far, we’re planning to focus on England (where my mom’s side of my family lives), France, and Italy. We don’t know yet how long we’ll be there, but when we get back I suspect we’ll start exploring the US to figure out where we would like to live. Our lease is up in July, so after we get back from our wedding, we’re going to pack all our things and put them into storage, then fly to England. I’ve already started sorting through my things that are still in boxes in my mom’s garage – school mementos, college papers, photos, and journals. I’ve been finding wonderful memory treasures.

In other news, today I designed a new heading for the website. I’ve asked my tech support (Mark) to help me develop a new theme for the site and transfer it over when the time comes. That’s probably weeks away, but I got a really great start today. I realized one of the reasons I had technical difficulties with my other idea a few weeks ago was because an even better idea was coming. I’m really happy with my work-in-progress. Everything comes together in perfect timing.


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