Stories from a Hospice Nurse: Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Signs from deceased loved ones - stories from a hospice nurse by Melanie The Medium

My mom is a hospice nurse. She comforts patients and families before someone passes. I think it is such sacred, meaningful work, and my mom has some amazing stories. Recently I sat down with my mom to hear some of her favorite stories. In this video she shares two of her stories about receiving signs from deceased loved ones. It is common for deceased loved ones to send signs that they are okay, and the families my mom worked with were prepared to look for those signs.

If you have lost a loved one, I want you to know that they are okay. They are free from physical pain, and there are many ways they can send you messages.

I hope these stories inspired you today and gave you comfort if you are grieving a loss.

Sending love your way,


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