Stories of Radical Healing

Stories of Radical Healing by Melanie The Medium

Sometimes dealing with a health concern can make you feel discouraged and hopeless, especially if you haven’t been able to get the answers you’re looking for through modern medicine. I think what we are able to do with modern medicine is absolutely amazing. I also feel that there is always more we can learn and explore.

In one of my most popular newsletters, I shared my story of radical healing. I received emails from many people who were inspired by the story and the resources I shared, so today I’m sharing it with you on my blog!

Radical Healing from Chronic Pain

To give you some background, in August of 2015, I was diagnosed with 5 bulging discs in my spine. Even after months of physical therapy, I couldn’t sit or drive for more than 20 minutes, I had to do certain exercises every few hours to ward off pain, and even then I experienced some level of discomfort or pain daily.

One day I received an email from a client who told me about Dr. John Sarno, who uses the mind-body connection to help patients heal from chronic pain and illness. His book has over 1,200 reviews on Amazon and almost 5 stars, so I decided to check him out.

His theory is that inner rage causes the pain. The body tries to distract us from our deep feelings by causing pain, and the pain is caused by the body decreasing oxygen to that part of the body. The pain is real. It’s not something in your head (as anyone who experiences chronic pain will tell you). But the source of the pain and the cure can be found by tuning into those emotions.

I watched Dr. Sarno’s interview on 20/20 and his 2-hour lecture on YouTube (his lecture is no longer available for viewing online, but you can find other interviews with him and clips from his lecture online). His book focuses on back pain, but as he mentions in the video, his method has worked for people with all kinds of chronic pain and conditions.

After watching the videos, I journaled about what was happening in my life when I was injured – my frustrations, self-criticisms, and fears. I used some techniques I learned as a clinical hypnotherapist to dig a little deeper.

Within 25 minutes, my pain was completely gone. It has been about 5 months since that day, and I have been able to do whatever I want. I can sit or drive for as long as I want, I go running, do yoga, do cartwheels…anything I want to do, pain free! I don’t even have to do my special exercises from my physical therapist. I am completely healed.


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Radical Remission from Cancer

But this post isn’t just about my healing or healing from pain. Shortly after my experience, I happened upon an interview with Dr. Kelly Turner on Hay House Radio about radical remission from cancer. After studying over 1,000 cases of people who have experienced a radical remission of cancer, she has written a book to share their stories. These people had been told they would die from cancer, and yet they were able to heal themselves.

Later that same week, another client of mine told me about Anita Moorjani’s journey of being in a coma from her cancer, given hours to live, having a near death experience, and then becoming fully healed within just a few weeks of returning to her body. I recently did a reading where I communicated with the spirit of someone who is still alive but unresponsive, and Anita’s observations matched what I got in the reading.

The Takeaway

All of these stories reminded me that the circumstances in our lives can change dramatically overnight. You may feel down one moment and get great news the next. You might be struggling financially one day and get a big fat check the next. You might be hurting one day, and experience healing the next.

Things change! And you have more power than you might realize to create change. It can be so frustrating when you’re struggling with anything for a long period of time. But I share these messages today to remind you that there is hope for you. There is hope for your loved ones. These stories and resources fell into my lap. I didn’t go searching for them. The resources you need are on their way to you, too.

Affirmative Prayer

This week I affirm that you receive the answers you’ve been looking for. You meet the people who can help you with your struggles. All the insight you need flows into your life, easily and effortlessly. And so it is!

Sending you love!


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