You Are Stronger Than You Think

Hi Friends!

I snatched a book from the giveaway pile yesterday. My husband (Mark) and I are helping my mom move out of her house, and the book I grabbed from her giveaway pile is Something More, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The book is divided into mini chapters, the kind you could read for a daily journal or devotional time. I remember when this book was new, and Sarah was doing interviews on shows like Oprah. I remember being inspired then, and this morning (many years and experiences later), I was inspired again. Sarah writes…

I wish I’d known from the beginning that I was born a strong woman. What a difference it would have made! I wish I’d known that I was born a courageous woman; I’ve spent so much of my life cowering. How many conversations would I not only have started but finished if I had known I possessed a warrior’s heart? I wish I’d known that I’d been born to take on the world; I wouldn’t have run from it for so long, but run to it with open arms.

Much of my work involves reminding people of how strong, inspired, creative, intuitive, capable, and powerful they already are. At some point every day, I remind myself of those things as well. But what lives would we lead if we always remembered? What if we knew we could do anything we desire? What if we knew our safety and security wasn’t in playing it small, or staying in a relationship or job that doesn’t work for us, but rather that our ultimate safety and security is guaranteed by our innate awesomeness?!

What would you do if you knew these things about yourself without a doubt? What would you start today? What fears would you leave in the dust? You are stronger than you think.

Love and blessings to you!



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