Supercharge your intuition with this simple tip

Supercharge your intuition with this simple tip

Intuition is like a superpower that can guide you away from trouble and toward joy and fulfillment. Everyone has intuition, but few people pay attention to it.

Today I’m sharing a simple thing you can do to supercharge your intuition. You will be able to recognize it more easily and learn the difference between your intuitive nudges and random thoughts.

Remember to write down everything that feels like it could be a nudge, even if you’re not certain. The biggest hindrance to using your intuition is doubting yourself and discounting what you’re getting. Your journal is a safe space, so write whatever could be intuitive insight. Then go back and make a note when you know for sure if something was a nudge or if it was a random thought.

The more you take note of your intuitive insights, the more insights you will have, and the more easily you will be able to discern between intuition and random thoughts.

Have fun while you’re learning!

Sending you love!


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