Which Angel is Working With You?

You have a team of loving spiritual helpers, including angels. You may have heard of some of the more popular Archangels, like Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, but there are many other angels who work with you. Here’s one way to find out which angel is working… Continue Reading

Angels: You Are Not Alone

Hi Friends! Today, when I sat to write this article, I felt and saw three Angels near my writing desk, so I asked them what message they would like me to share today. Here is the message I received: Angels are always with you, always… Continue Reading

How to See Spirit Guides

Dear Melanie Jade, What can I do to see my Spirit Guides? When you have a great friend, you want to see them, right? So of course we all want to see our Spirit Guides. It helps us feel more connected with them and proves… Continue Reading

Spiritual Car Issues: Part 3 (What?!)

Hello Friends! As you might have guessed, I had car issues the day before yesterday.  The night before, Mark and I had agreed that I would drop him off at his grandfather’s in the morning and come pick him up on the way to dinner… Continue Reading

Ways Spirit Guides Communicate

Spirit Guides can communicate with us in innumerable ways.  Sometimes we can overlook their insights, thinking they should be loud and obvious or accompanied by harps or trumpets.  Most of the time their messages are subtle and require our in-the-present awareness in order to receive… Continue Reading