Spiritual Car Issues: Part 5

Hello Friends! This story (the fifth car story – holy cow….or I guess, holy car! Ha!) is just a quickie about being taken care of when having car issues.  You see, I have always dreaded having car issues.  I think that’s because my mom always… Continue Reading

Spiritual Car Issues: Part 3 (What?!)

Hello Friends! As you might have guessed, I had car issues the day before yesterday.  The night before, Mark and I had agreed that I would drop him off at his grandfather’s in the morning and come pick him up on the way to dinner… Continue Reading

Spiritual Car Issues: Part 2

I have another car story for you.  One Sunday several years ago I was in a very big rush.  I woke up late for church and hurried to get ready.  I drove the 30 minutes to church, and the second the service was out, I… Continue Reading

Spiritual Car Issues

Hello everyone! I am writing to share a really neat story with you about how my Spirit Guides created some interesting car issues for me one day. I had just arrived at work and put my key in my purse. My actual key chain with… Continue Reading