Following Your Inner Compass

Hi Friends! One of my specialties is to help people find and follow their Divine Purpose. I help people listen to their Spirit and follow their inner compass in order to create lives that are fulfilling and filled to the brim with joy. One of… Continue Reading

Inventive Journaling

Hi Friends! Here’s a manifesting technique to get you feeling that what you want to create in your life already exists.  That idea may seem silly, but when you are feeling like what you want already exists, you open your mind to creative ideas to… Continue Reading

Coming Out Of the Psychic Closet

Hello Friends, A little over a week ago, Mark and I had dinner with several members of his family.  Mark has a lovely family, but you may have noticed that I’m a little out of the ordinary (talking to spirits, dead people, etc).  We were… Continue Reading

New Career Exploration

Maybe you’re not thrilled with your current career, but you don’t know what to do instead.  Let’s start letting the creative, inspirational juices flow until you come up with a few ideas. There is a part of you that knows what the next step is.… Continue Reading

Economic Opportunities

There are many people talking with doom and gloom about our current economy.  However, I believe and know everything has a positive reason for happening, and I have seen amazing opportunities arise for many people because of job shifts and restructuring.  I believe every change… Continue Reading