Embracing New Growth

Hi Friends! On a recent walk, I was captivated by the colorful berries on the trees. I love berries! Little seeds to grow even more beautiful trees. They make me think of potential, new growth, and amazing new experiences right around the corner. We are… Continue Reading

Dealing With Change – Messages of Joy Ep. 3

You can transform your life in less than 10 minutes! This week we’ll enjoy a meditation involving blessing your life, followed by a message from my Spirit Guides about dealing with change. We’ll finish with an uplifting, affirmative prayer. This Message of Joy will help… Continue Reading

The Continual Evolution of Your Ideal Life

Dear Friends, Creating your ideal life isn’t a one-time deal.  It’s a life decision you continue to make.  You may create your ideal life for right now, and then a few months from now, you may have a different feeling of what your ideal life… Continue Reading