Light Emerging: Connecting to your Core Self

Dear Friends, One of the books I’m reading now is Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, by Barbara Brennan.  Barbara Brennan is a former NASA research scientist who has spent over thirty years researching and working with the human energy field.  She founded the… Continue Reading

Beauty Is All There Is

Hello Friends! I was writing the October newsletter yesterday (whoo hoo!), and my Spirit Guides gave me a great message for the Message of Joy section.  I closed my eyes and asked them what they would like to say to me, and I heard in… Continue Reading

People Who Need People

After several days in Ireland and seeing the amazing beauty of the countryside and a million tiny villages, Mark and I began talking about the “something” that was missing.  Some aspect of our trip that we’d been expecting but hadn’t experienced yet.  We both eventually… Continue Reading

Feeling the Connection

A few days ago, I read a paragraph about animals being horribly mistreated, and I started crying. I know this stuff goes on, but at the time, I asked myself, “Why? Why does this happen? How is this possible? How can someone be that unfeeling… Continue Reading