Cosmo Goes to the Vet

Hi Friends! Mark and I just returned from the vet with Cosmo. I want to share with you how my Angels and Spirit Guides helped make this the best vet experience we’ve ever had. You can use the same techniques to help make a potentially… Continue Reading

Life and Art: Taking Shape Over Time

Hi Friends! Let me introduce you to my mom’s cat, Midnight. You may remember her from Cosmo Strikes Again. Right now (I’m happy to report) Cosmo and Midnight are getting along. Hopefully that good behavior will continue for a few weeks until we move into… Continue Reading

Where in the world am I?

Hi Friends! Mark and I have been in Asheville, North Carolina this week! If you haven’t heard already, I’m ready to tell you about our next adventure! We sold ALL our things, including our car, and we’ve decided to travel and travel and travel some… Continue Reading

When the Queen Bee Comes to Visit

Hi Friends! In our last apartment, we had a huge sliding glass window that opened up to the balcony.  Beyond the balcony was a beautiful golf course with trees and a pond, and we loved keeping the door open to feel the fresh air and… Continue Reading

Reading Tarot and Cosmo Update

Hello Dear Friends, I’ve been writing a lot about Cosmo lately, and I wanted to give you another update.  We have decided to keep the kitty cats separated, and they are both doing well.  I kept getting the message that Cosmo needs a bit more… Continue Reading


Dear Friends, This is a totally rambling post, so don’t expect extra enlightenment, okay?  🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want it to be like and look like next year.  Mark and I already have a new design worked… Continue Reading

Spring Day Journal

Hello Everyone! It is so bright, sunny, and Springish today 🙂  I just love this weather.  Kitty Cosmo is walking on the windowsill and checking out the outside world.  She’s already chased several birds and a fly today, as well as taking a cozy nap… Continue Reading

Circus Kitty Cosmo

I have a plan to teach Cosmo to be a Circus cat.  I decided when I gave her treats, I would trow them over a stick I was holding and see if she jumped over.  She caught on very quickly!  She jumps over the stick… Continue Reading