divine timing

My Crazy Passport Story

Hi Friends! Have you ever had what you thought was a really good plan and set it in motion, only to have it thwarted by the Universe? It just happened to me! Grab a drink and lemme tell ya the crazy story about my passport…… Continue Reading

What to do When You Feel Fearful: Part 2

Hi Friends! This is the sequel to the post I wrote yesterday about techniques to help get past feeling fearful when you’re taking a leap of faith and creating your ideal life.  Sometimes it can be scary or you may completely doubt that what you… Continue Reading

Our Next Adventure!

Dear Friends, Have you been wondering what our brainstorming session at the cabin was about and what our next new adventure is? We’re moving to San Francisco! We found a beautiful home in a beautiful town just outside of San Francisco, and we’re so excited… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides on Divine Timing

Today I came across a message from my Spirit Guides about Divine Timing that I was led to share with you. I asked my guides, “What would you like to tell me about Divine Timing?” Dear, we have told you many times, Diving Timing is all… Continue Reading

Great Expectations #1: Divine Timing

This article is the first of three articles to expand upon a message my guides have told me about three great positive expectations  that work in every situation.  Here’s the first one: Expect that everything happens and works in Divine, perfect timing, including you. Since… Continue Reading