Remembering and Interpreting Your Dreams

Dreams can give you insight into your life, your emotions, what you want and don’t want, and can be a way for your Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed to share messages with you. Pretty cool, right? You can get so much guidance through… Continue Reading

Nocturnal Phases

Hi Friends! Do you ever go through nocturnal phases? Phases when, no matter how much you want to, you cannot go to sleep at night, and instead, you sleep all morning? That’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of nights. I should have known… Continue Reading

Psychic Dreams Q & A

Dear Melanie,  I’ve had several dreams that have come true lately. Why am I getting insight while I’m dreaming and not while I’m awake? Sometimes it’s easier to receive messages when we’re asleep because our conscious mind (the logical, analytical part that can discount intuitive… Continue Reading

On a Roller Coaster, Baby!

Hi Friends, Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing everyday like I did last month.  I’m going to just tell myself you all noticed, even if you didn’t, in order to stroke my ego 🙂  Anyhoo, first I didn’t write as much because we were… Continue Reading

The Continual Evolution of Your Ideal Life

Dear Friends, Creating your ideal life isn’t a one-time deal.  It’s a life decision you continue to make.  You may create your ideal life for right now, and then a few months from now, you may have a different feeling of what your ideal life… Continue Reading

Following Your Dream: It Gets Easier

Hi Friends! I know yesterday I said following your dream takes balls, and it certainly does, at least in my experience.  However, it does get easier the more you do it.  Once you make a decision based on your inner feeling of what is best… Continue Reading

Got Balls? You’ll Need ’em to Follow Your Dream

Dear Friends, I am always encouraging people to follow their dreams, and I honestly believe that is the only way to live a happy, fulfilled life.  However, I want to tell you something I’ve learned.  If you’ll pardon my vulgarity, it takes balls to follow your dreams. … Continue Reading

How do you react to your fears?

I had a dream recently where I was given a message from my Spirit Guides about how to react when I encounter fear. I was in a valley with tall hills on either side of me. There was a cheetah running on the hillside to… Continue Reading