eco-friendly wedding

Our Wedding!

Hello Friends! Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more!  Every aspect of it was so wonderful and perfect!  I have a few photos to share with you! 13 of 25 family members arrived in Newport Thursday night.  We had an amazing drive down… Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Wedding: The Dress

Hello Everyone! This is my second installment in the Eco-Friendly Wedding series.  I’m thrilled to announce that we have chosen our wedding date – July 3.  I’m so excited!!!!  Imagine me jumping up and down and crying for joy.  Then, imagine my mother and my… Continue Reading

Our Eco-Wedding: Introduction

Yea!!!  We’re planning an eco-wedding!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  Okay, catching my breath now.  Phew!  Mark and I are getting married, and after learning so much about eco-friendly living, we’ve decided to have an eco-friendly wedding.  I’ve decided to blog about the process on the website,… Continue Reading