A Journey Through Gardenstown, Scotland

Hello Friends! I have been wanting to share our pictures from our visit to Gardenstown, Scotland for so long!  It’s one of those places that is so beautiful, I can’t even describe the beauty, because it’s a feeling of spaciousness that you’d just have to… Continue Reading

Home from Honeymoon!

Hello Friends! Mark and I arrived back in Dallas a few days ago from our 3+ month honeymoon. Just like all our travels lately, we both felt a sudden nudge to return and bought tickets for the next day. We had an amazing honeymoon! It… Continue Reading

Hello Friends! Honeymoon update :)

Hello Friends! Mark and I are still having a fabulous time in Florida (did I mention we are here?).  We have been having incredible, insightful conversations the past few days about my website and career, and I have lots of inspiration for new articles and… Continue Reading

People Who Need People

After several days in Ireland and seeing the amazing beauty of the countryside and a million tiny villages, Mark and I began talking about the “something” that was missing.  Some aspect of our trip that we’d been expecting but hadn’t experienced yet.  We both eventually… Continue Reading

Living Life Without a Plan

Hello Friends! I’m writing today to celebrate the benefits of living life without a plan.  Am I crazy?  I prefer the term “adventurous”.  🙂  I’ve been asked about a million times throughout my life about my plans for the future.  Where am I going to… Continue Reading

In Florida!

Hello Friends! I’ve been enjoying an amazing honeymoon in the UK, complete with adventures, wonderful people, incredible food, and breathtaking sights! Ireland, Scotland, England…Oh My!  A truly magical journey!  Then, on August 1st, Mark and I both felt the urge to fly to Orlando, so… Continue Reading

Spring in My Heart

Only 64 days until our wedding (I just checked our wedding website to find out). We’ve been going through so many wonderful changes the past few months…make that the past few years, and I love it. Today I felt like spring was in our home… Continue Reading