Tree Spirits and Talking to Trees

There are tree people.  Did you know that?  Faces in the trees.  I guess tree “people” isn’t accurate, because they are trees, not people.  I guess tree Spirits is more accurate.  Mark and I saw them while we were in Ireland.  Ireland is so lush.… Continue Reading

Home from Honeymoon!

Hello Friends! Mark and I arrived back in Dallas a few days ago from our 3+ month honeymoon. Just like all our travels lately, we both felt a sudden nudge to return and bought tickets for the next day. We had an amazing honeymoon! It… Continue Reading

People Who Need People

After several days in Ireland and seeing the amazing beauty of the countryside and a million tiny villages, Mark and I began talking about the “something” that was missing.  Some aspect of our trip that we’d been expecting but hadn’t experienced yet.  We both eventually… Continue Reading