Meditation for Healing Relationships

Hi Friends! Is there someone in your life right now who gets on your nerves? Or maybe someone who seems so brainless and uncouth that you roll your eyes every time they have the nerve to speak in your presence? Or someone who is cruel… Continue Reading

The Power of Choice

Each day we choose our experience. We choose to see goodness or pain. We choose to feel joy or feel disappointment. We choose to see the greatness in others or how they fail to meet our expectations. Each day, each moment is a choice. When… Continue Reading

Be Where You Are

Hi Friends, I had an interesting meditation the other day. I saw myself in a field, and my head was tilted all the way back.  I was looking up to the sky and looking every which way seeking answers. Then, I felt gentle hands tilting… Continue Reading

Mark’s Proposal :)

Hello Friends! Now you know how I met the love of my life and discovered when Mark got a clue, so now I’m sharing our super amazing proposal story.  It all started when Mark and I were preparing for our anniversary.  It was a few… Continue Reading

How I Met the Love of My Life: Part 2

Dear Friends, I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of How I Met the Love of My Life.  Did it put you in the Valentine’s mood?  I have to admit it’s a pretty awesome love story.  But what happened next?  Do you  think Mark knew… Continue Reading

How I Met The Love of My Life…

Hello Friends! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!!!!  Okay, Valentine’s is 2 weeks away, but at least it’s February!  I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  I always have.  I love all things pink, red, colorful hearts, I love chocolate, and I love lovey-dovey phrases that are posted on all… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Story

I had such a wonderful evening!  I was invited to share the story of how Mark and I met during the Thanksgiving church service tonight.  At first, I was so excited.  Then I thought, “How in the world am I going to condense our story… Continue Reading

Manifest Your Ideal Mate

This course covers ways to determine the qualities you want in your ideal mate, as well as how to make sure your thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment with attracting your ideal mate into your life. View Course