Sun Meditation

This quick, 7 minute sun meditation will help you feel more peaceful and focused, and it’s short enough to easily fit into your day. Sneak it in before you tackle your to-do list, during your lunch break, or when you first get home from work… Continue Reading

Which Angel is Working With You?

You have a team of loving spiritual helpers, including angels. You may have heard of some of the more popular Archangels, like Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, but there are many other angels who work with you. Here’s one way to find out which angel is working… Continue Reading

Prayer from Angel Gabriel

Hi Friends! This is a prayer I received from Angel Gabriel during one of my meditations. Gabriel is the Angel of communication, and he helps us communicate clearly and with love. Before saying this prayer, take a moment to breathe deeply, become focused on where… Continue Reading

Healing Circle Meditation

Hi Friends! This past weekend I hosted a free Healing Circle by phone. There were many loving people on the call joined together to spread healing energy and peace. I’ve decided to make a recording of the call available so that you can listen to… Continue Reading

Meditation for Healing Relationships

Hi Friends! Is there someone in your life right now who gets on your nerves? Or maybe someone who seems so brainless and uncouth that you roll your eyes every time they have the nerve to speak in your presence? Or someone who is cruel… Continue Reading

Changeable Clouds, Changeable Life

Hi Friends! Mark and I went to a concert in the park to celebrate his birthday this week. We walked there from our new home, blanket in tow, grabbed Chipotle on the way, and then stretched out on the grass by the pond when we… Continue Reading

You Are Worthy

Hi Friends! A theme that has come up several times this week in my readings and meditations is the idea of feeling worthy to receive. It doesn’t matter what wonderful thing you want in your life, if you don’t feel worthy of receiving it, you… Continue Reading

The Power of Choice – Messages of Joy Ep. 26

You can transform your life in less than 10 minutes! In this Message of Joy we’ll start with a short meditation to receive insight about our lives. Then, a message from my Spirit Guides about the Power of Choice. We’ll finish with an uplifting, affirmative… Continue Reading