Nurturing the Beginner Mindset

Hi Friends! This morning in my meditation, I saw a deer. When I saw it, I got the word, “Innocence.” As I noticed more about the image, the deer started feeling real to me. I could feel its hair as I stroked it. I could see its… Continue Reading

Everything Has a Purpose

Do you ever feel like you’ve made mistakes? Have you ever looked back on relationships and choices you’ve made in your life and felt like you did the wrong thing or that you wasted that time in your life? Everything has a purpose. All those… Continue Reading

Blessings Disguised as Mistakes

Have you ever looked back on a situation or decision and thought, “Whoa!  That was a mistake.” What I know to be true is that there is no such thing as a mistake.  Everything you have ever done had a perfect reason for being.  It… Continue Reading