A True Sense of Security

Hi Friends! This morning I’ve been thinking about the idea of security. I was talking to a good friend about our next adventure and encouraging her to do the same thing if she wants to. She asked, “Well, how did you plan it? Did you… Continue Reading

Freedom From “Stuff”

Dear Friends, I read an interesting article this morning about living without money.  It’s the story of Heidemarie Schwermer, a German woman who gave up what is considered a typical lifestyle of consumerism.  She gets what she needs by trading services with other people, she stays… Continue Reading

Want money? Add value.

Have you ever asked yourself or the Universe, “How can I make more money?” I asked my Spirit Guides this question several years ago, and they gave me a new question that was actually more helpful than the first. They suggested I ask instead, “How… Continue Reading

The Source of All Money

Where does your money come from?  What is the source of your money?  Several years ago my spirit guides helped me learn a very valuable lesson that changed the way I look at money. Many of us relate our job with our income.  We feel that… Continue Reading

Bills Redefined

Do you love paying your bills each month?  I mean, do you get a thrill of excitement pulsing through your body at the mere sight of an envelope with clear plastic film covering your address?  No? We are going to redefine the way we view… Continue Reading

Economic Opportunities

There are many people talking with doom and gloom about our current economy.  However, I believe and know everything has a positive reason for happening, and I have seen amazing opportunities arise for many people because of job shifts and restructuring.  I believe every change… Continue Reading

Beliefs About Money

Money is energy. We can attract or send it away from us easily just using our thoughts and feelings. Like attracts like. When we feel like we do not have enough of it or cling to it out of fear that there will not be… Continue Reading