spirit guides

Claim Your Power

In every reading I do, one of the most important things to me is to help my client feel empowered. When you feel empowered, you are remembering that your choices create your life. Your choices create how you perceive events, and that can make the difference… Continue Reading

The Power of Expectation

Are you longing for something in your life and worried that it won’t happen? Maybe you’re longing to find a new job, your ideal mate, your next home, a new child, or a sense of direction. The fear that you will be stuck where you… Continue Reading

Sun Meditation

This quick, 7 minute sun meditation will help you feel more peaceful and focused, and it’s short enough to easily fit into your day. Sneak it in before you tackle your to-do list, during your lunch break, or when you first get home from work… Continue Reading

Look how far you’ve come!

Dear Friends, Have you ever felt like your life is not moving fast enough? That success, your ideal mate, your career, your new home, more money, or whatever else you desire isn’t coming soon enough? The last time I felt like this, my Guides showed… Continue Reading

How do I know if I’m hearing my Spirit?

Hi Friends! When you ask for guidance, do you ever wonder if the response you hear is from your Spirit or just your mind? As you are continually creating your ideal life and seek inner guidance, it’s important to be able to distinguish between the… Continue Reading

Enjoying Your Life

Hi Friends! I recently received this message from my Spirit Guides about enjoying life, no matter what is happening. Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it helps to be reminded that everything is benefiting us in some way. I hope this message… Continue Reading

Angels: You Are Not Alone

Hi Friends! Today, when I sat to write this article, I felt and saw three Angels near my writing desk, so I asked them what message they would like me to share today. Here is the message I received: Angels are always with you, always… Continue Reading

You Know the Way Forward

Hi Friends! Do you ever feel like you don’t know your path forward? Have you ever asked someone else what decision you should make to move forward in your life? This post is a reminder that your Spirit always knows the way forward, even if… Continue Reading