spirit guides

Each Moment is a Gift

Hi Friends! Today I want to share a recent message from my Spirit Guides about enjoying each moment: You are capable of great things. Sometimes you don’t realize this or you think your goals are taking too long (or will take too long) to accomplish.… Continue Reading

Nurturing the Beginner Mindset

Hi Friends! This morning in my meditation, I saw a deer. When I saw it, I got the word, “Innocence.” As I noticed more about the image, the deer started feeling real to me. I could feel its hair as I stroked it. I could see its… Continue Reading

Strength in Silence

Hi Friends! Sometimes I receive messages in the form of images of animals. These images come to me during my meditation or as I’m out and about living my life. The images appear to remind me to connect with the characteristics I associate with the… Continue Reading

Just Keep Going – Messages of Joy Ep. 13

You can transform your life in less than 10 minutes! In this Message of Joy we’ll start with a few minutes of becoming centered and feeling our breath and energy flowing through our body. Then, a message from my Spirit Guides about going forward on… Continue Reading

Psychic Journal: Trip to Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi Friends! Almost every day in my correspondence with the wonderful people who visit my site (like you!) I suggest keeping a psychic journal. Psychic means “of the soul”, and a psychic journal is where you write down your messages, nudges, visions, and other experiences… Continue Reading

Surrounded by Love – Messages of Joy Ep. 12

You can transform your life in less than 10 minutes! In this Message of Joy we’ll start with a visualization of showering yourself with love. Then, a message from my Spirit Guides about being surrounded by love and helpful assistance from the Universe. We’ll finish… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides and Telepathy

Hi Friends! As you are learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides, remember that Spirit Guides can communicate via telepathy. This means that you may receive words, sounds, images, scents, and feelings through your energy field. Sometimes, people expect to see their Spirit Guide’s lips… Continue Reading

Spirit Guides Talk About Prayer

Hi Friends! The message from my Spirit Guides today is about prayer: Prayer is wonderful. We love to hear prayer. It is like music to us. It is your loving plea for help and answers, your recognition that there is something more (a spiritual existence… Continue Reading