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Spirit Guides: Follow Your Path

Hi Friends, This morning I was going through some entries from the book I’m working on with my Spirit Guides, and I found the following passage. It ties in perfectly with this week’s Messages of Joy podcast about recognizing that only you know the best… Continue Reading

Overcoming Fear of Negative Spirit Contact

Dear Melanie Jade, I really want to talk to my Spirit Guides, but I’m afraid of also connecting with negative spirits. I’ve read that this is possible, so I’m scared to even try connecting with my Spirit Guides. How do you make sure you only… Continue Reading

Ways Spirit Guides May Appear To You

Hi Friends! If you are expecting to see a Spirit Guide in the flesh, as a solid substance the way you see a physical person, you will overlook the ways they commonly make their presence known. Here are some of the ways they may appear… Continue Reading

How to See Spirit Guides

Dear Melanie Jade, What can I do to see my Spirit Guides? When you have a great friend, you want to see them, right? So of course we all want to see our Spirit Guides. It helps us feel more connected with them and proves… Continue Reading

Dealing With Change – Messages of Joy Ep. 3

You can transform your life in less than 10 minutes! This week we’ll enjoy a meditation involving blessing your life, followed by a message from my Spirit Guides about dealing with change. We’ll finish with an uplifting, affirmative prayer. This Message of Joy will help… Continue Reading