Brighter Days Just Around the Corner

Hi Friends! Mark and I were walking along the creek the other day, talking about the changes winter has brought. All the leaves that looked so fresh and green in the spring are now in piles on the ground, and the days feel awash in… Continue Reading

First Day of Spring in Our Garden

Hi Friends! Yesterday was the first day of spring in the US, so Mark and I spent several hours outside in our garden enjoying the sunshine, the gentle breeze, the flowers, the lake…it was a beautiful day! I took pictures so you could enjoy the… Continue Reading

Keep Going! Life is About to Blossom

Dear Friends, Mark and I took a walk on Valentine’s Day, and something really stood out to me.  We walked by tree after tree, and from a distance, they looked pretty bare.  They didn’t have the obvious signs of life, like leaves and flowers, that… Continue Reading

Are you feeling Spring Fever?

Hello Friends! It is finally feeling like Spring in Texas.  Can you believe we had snow on the first day of Spring?  All that has been replaced by sunshine, warm temperatures, cool breezes, and bright yellow daffodils.  So beautiful!  Mark and I have been feeling… Continue Reading

Spring Day Journal

Hello Everyone! It is so bright, sunny, and Springish today 🙂  I just love this weather.  Kitty Cosmo is walking on the windowsill and checking out the outside world.  She’s already chased several birds and a fly today, as well as taking a cozy nap… Continue Reading