Tarot Tip: How to do a Blind Reading

Hi Friends! If you read your own tarot cards or do psychic readings for yourself, you know it can be difficult at times to be objective when you are emotionally connected to the outcome. Sometimes the answers look confusing or contradictory, and it can definitely… Continue Reading

Tarot: Layers of Meaning

Hi Friends! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about layers of meaning in tarot cards. You can draw one card and it can mean something on a surface level as well as on a deeper, spiritual level. This can broaden your understanding of the cards,… Continue Reading

Laughter Yoga: Laughter IS the best medicine

Hi Friends! I recently won a Morgan’s Tarot Deck from Helen at MyWingsofDesire.  You all know I love the Pearls of Wisdom deck, which is full of vibrant colors, so I was surprised when I found myself drawn to the black and white, simplistic, Morgan’s… Continue Reading


Hello Friends, One night while I was in Florida, I started focusing on what I wanted next in my life and feeling kinda bummed because it wasn’t already there.  I mean, honestly, my life is freakin’ awesome, and we go on amazing adventures, but near… Continue Reading

Choosing Your First Tarot Deck

So you’re ready to take the plunge into tarot and are wondering which deck to get?  Have you noticed that there are hundreds of choices?!  Ahhhh!!! Have no fear, the psychic tarot lady is here!  (That’s me, in case you were wondering.  I hope you… Continue Reading

Psychic Tarot Reading

This course covers everything from choosing your first deck to intuitively interpreting the cards. I encourage you to go beyond book definitions and traditional spreads and learn to focus on your own unique insights and intuition. View Course