What to do When You Feel Fearful: Part 2

Hi Friends! This is the sequel to the post I wrote yesterday about techniques to help get past feeling fearful when you’re taking a leap of faith and creating your ideal life.  Sometimes it can be scary or you may completely doubt that what you… Continue Reading

Mark’s Proposal :)

Hello Friends! Now you know how I met the love of my life and discovered when Mark got a clue, so now I’m sharing our super amazing proposal story.  It all started when Mark and I were preparing for our anniversary.  It was a few… Continue Reading

Hello Friends! Honeymoon update :)

Hello Friends! Mark and I are still having a fabulous time in Florida (did I mention we are here?).  We have been having incredible, insightful conversations the past few days about my website and career, and I have lots of inspiration for new articles and… Continue Reading

Our Wedding!

Hello Friends! Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more!  Every aspect of it was so wonderful and perfect!  I have a few photos to share with you! 13 of 25 family members arrived in Newport Thursday night.  We had an amazing drive down… Continue Reading

Spring in My Heart

Only 64 days until our wedding (I just checked our wedding website to find out). We’ve been going through so many wonderful changes the past few months…make that the past few years, and I love it. Today I felt like spring was in our home… Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Wedding: The Dress

Hello Everyone! This is my second installment in the Eco-Friendly Wedding series.  I’m thrilled to announce that we have chosen our wedding date – July 3.  I’m so excited!!!!  Imagine me jumping up and down and crying for joy.  Then, imagine my mother and my… Continue Reading

Our Eco-Wedding: Introduction

Yea!!!  We’re planning an eco-wedding!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  Okay, catching my breath now.  Phew!  Mark and I are getting married, and after learning so much about eco-friendly living, we’ve decided to have an eco-friendly wedding.  I’ve decided to blog about the process on the website,… Continue Reading