Tarot Q&A: Can I change what is predicted to happen?

Dear Melanie Jade,

I read my own tarot cards. If I see something in the cards, does that mean it is definitely going to happen?

The short answer is no. You may have misinterpreted the cards, for one thing. This is especially easy to do when you are doing readings for yourself that you are emotionally invested in. If you are really emotional about a situation, I think it’s better to go to someone else you trust for a reading. When I’m really emotional about a topic I want a reading on, I ask my husband to do the reading for me or do a blind reading.

Sometimes other events can happen that throw things off course, especially when the prediction involves timing. If you ask for timing in a reading, consider the answer flexible. In the energetic realm (where all things exist before they manifest in the physical realm), the process of events is more important than the actual date. Think of it like an assembly line for cars. The process is that the frame has to go on before the doors can be attached. It doesn’t matter what time the doors are scheduled to be put on because if there’s not a frame in place, the doors are not going on. In the same way, let’s say you read in your cards that you are going to get a new job in April. However, you doubt that this will happen, so you go ahead and sign a new contract with your current job. If you do that, you won’t be going for another job in April. But, you may end up getting laid off in May because the Universe has realized you have to be literally pushed out of your current job in order for you to move on, so you apply for the job you were meant to get in April, and you end up getting hired in May. The same event happened, but the timing was different.

Sometimes you can change what is going to happen in your life simply by changing your thoughts or actions. At the very least, you can definitely use the information from your reading to change how you choose to react in a given situation.

For example, the other day while doing my daily reading, I drew The Cursing Witch from the Good Witch, Bad Witch Oracle Deck.

The Cursing Witch
When I looked at the card, what came to my mind immediately was that Cosmo (my cat) was going to do something I didn’t like, and I was going to admonish her for it. I also realized I wanted to stay peaceful the entire day, so I considered myself forewarned and made changes in my behavior to prevent myself from getting upset at Cosmo. For one thing, I avoided her the entire day. My kitty cat can be a little aggressive at times, so I decided not to take any chances. I didn’t pet her, and I didn’t seek her out.

At about two in the afternoon, I heard hissing and howling from the other room. I went to see what was going on, only to see my cat fighting with her mother, Sposha. They were really going at it, and the fur was flying! My husband was in the room throwing blankets, pillows, and doing anything else he could think of to break up the fight.

In normal circumstances, I would have been upset with Cosmo. She’s a little instigator, so I know she wasn’t the innocent party in the fight. However, as I looked at her, I saw the image of The Cursing Witch in my mind. I made a conscious decision to realize that Cosmo was just acting out her animal insticts, and I remained calm. I shrugged off the incident and felt great for the rest of the day.

In that situation, I used the information from my daily reading to change my behavior, which resulted in a different outcome than the one portrayed on the card. The event predicted still happened, but the way it affected me and the ultimate outcome as far as I was concerned was different.

However, I do believe some events are set in stone. Some things are just not meant to be, and some things are. But I do believe that you can always decide how you will react to events in your life in order to create positive experiences for yourself.

That’s my take. What do you think? Do you believe some things are set in stone or that everything can change? If you have readings you can share that support your belief, please share those too.

Lots of love,

Melanie Jade

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