Tea Time With Spirits: Message from a Cardinal

Hello Friends!

Last week I started something I call “Tea Time with Spirits.”  I grab a cup of tea, sit in a comfy chair, open my laptop, and spend 20 minutes just listening to what my Guides have to say to me.  I type everything down in a special document on my desktop with the same title.

I talk with my guides throughout the day and ask them questions about different things, but Tea Time with Spirits is more of a deep conversation.  So far, most of the messages have just been for me, but the guide I spoke with this morning asked that I share his message.  I’m so excited about sharing his beautiful message with you, so without further ado, here is this morning’s message:

Peace brings contentment.  Contentment brings peace.  There are so many ways to peace but only on way to disquietude – fear.  Fear is the cause of all unrest.  If you know love is everywhere and in everything, if you know there is no situation in which you are not supported, if you know your situation can change easily because of a decision, you have peace.  Not every situation looks perfect, but if you find the perfection in it, you will see beyond pain and unrest, beyond judgment, and then you will touch the beauty of it, the rightness of it.

Listening is key.  Listen to your spirit.  It doesn’t shout, it whispers.  The more you listen, the more it will tell you.  It will tell you what works in your life and what needs to go or transform.  It tells you everything you need to know.  It leads you everywhere you need to go.  Trust in your spirit and the peace you find there.  It will not lead you astray.  What leads you astray is listening to your mind and fear.  The mind is connected [to the spirit], but it has a different role to play.  It’s an important role, but that role is not to guide you.  It’s to use logic to help you follow the guidance from your spirit.  To do daily tasks.  To help you discipline yourself to receive the messages of your spirit.  It’s a powerful tool, but it is not the be all end all.  It is a servant of your spirit.  Many people live with the opposite idea in mind, and that is why they are led to distress.  Many of the messages from spirit sound impossible to the mind, so people don’t follow them.  When they don’t follow them, they are unhappy.  Spirit knows energy.  Spirit knows how things are moving and shifting in the energetic universe in a way the mind cannot fathom.  The spirit sees and creates passageways.  The mind sees roadblocks and impossibilities.  There are no impossibilities to the spirit.   It’s all moveable and changeable.

The entire time I was typing, I had just been aware of light to my left (seen in my mind), so at the end of our conversation, I focused on seeing him in my mind.  I saw him standing there and felt a male energy.  Then I saw that he was wearing a red robe.  His hands were clasped in front of him, and he had a large but simple gold cross around his neck.  I thought, Hmmm…he reminds me of a Catholic cardinal.  Then I had a HUGE wow moment!  Remember the other week, when I wrote about seeing cardinals in my mind, and I knew that was a message to me?  This guide was a cardinal!  How cool is that?!

Not being Catholic, I checked the web to see what cardinals actually wear, and they looked a lot like my guide, cross and all…

Raymond Leo Burke

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Tomorrow I’ll give you some tips on how to have your own Tea Time with Spirits!  It’s a great practice, whether or not you’ve communicated with your Spirit Guides in the past.  Setting aside time to communicate is like opening the door.

Have a wonderful day!

Melanie Jade

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