“My recent phone reading with Melanie was nothing short of amazing. This was my second reading with Melanie. My first reading over a year ago was over email. That reading was spot on and the guidance I received was invaluable. This time around, I wanted to dive deeper and speak to Melanie on the phone in case I had follow up questions. My reading covered my career path and it also connected me to my grandmother who passed. I was a bit nervous before the reading, but the minute I heard Melanie’s voice, I immediately felt supported and her down to earth and very warm approach eased my anxiety immediately. Melanie’s guidance was practical and very easy to follow. I truly felt like I was having a conversation with a caring friend. She answered all of my questions and helped me connect with my grandmother. It was a beautiful experience. I will enjoy reliving that experience when I play back my recording. Because of the guidance I received, I now have a plan and a road map to follow. I look forward to my next reading with Melanie. I have recommended her to several family members because I believe deeply in her abilities and her work. I am grateful and overjoyed. Thank you Melanie.” – Christine R.
“You have no idea how much your reading meant to me and my kids and how comforted we were by it. Your description of my ex-husband was so accurate- right down to the clothes he was wearing, the tan and how he laughed when you said he was a good listener because I never thought so. It brought us all to tears (happy ones) to know that he is happy and is watching over our family. Thank you so much. We all feel like we have been given a wonderful gift.” – Juli S.
“I just knew I had to get a reading with Melanie ever since I started reading the blog and listening to the monthly recordings. And now I know why. As soon as I started reading the first few sentences of my email reading, tears started streaming down my face. It was as if love and a deep sense of peace had washed over me. I had received the answer to my question. Knowing and understanding certain things now, my whole energy has shifted. And not only did I receive guidance and answers in regards to a very important aspect of my life, but I realized I had met such a wonderful and caring soul - thank you so much, Melanie.” – M.J.
“The email reading you did for me was so life-altering. It basically took one recurring and troubling issue, and just crossed it off the list of things to ever worry about again. The power of that is staggering to me.” – Jessica M.
“I found Melanie when I was going through a transitional phase that was bringing up a lot of fear and self-doubt. I knew I was wasting a lot of energy obsessing over the past and projecting worst-case scenario fears onto the future. I was desperate to put an end to the negativity and move forward so I decided to contact her. I felt a little silly contacting a medium (I've never used one in the past) and I had my doubts about the whole thing but within seconds of speaking with Melanie all of those fears dissipated. Her voice is filled with love and enthusiasm. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She listened carefully to my questions and gave very thoughtful responses that really spoke to me. Some of the stuff was so on-point that my eyes filled with tears of gratitude because I didn't realize until that moment how badly I needed to hear them. She helped me realize that I do know the answers to a lot of life's questions but fears get in the way and she taught me how to differentiate between the two. I really appreciated how she paused to check how I was feeling about the reading, encouraging me to help her dig deeper into my questions. In addition to spending lots of time on the concerns I brought up, she also gave me clarity about who I am in the world and my relationships, helping my self confidence in more ways that I can describe. The best part of the reading is that she devoted a lot of time to helping me figure out to incorporate these new understandings into my life. It's clear that she really cares about helping people live purpose-filled lives without any of the out-there New Age stuff that sometimes gets attached. I've read so many self-help books trying to find the clarity and peace-of-mind that she was able to provide in a short phone call. I can't say enough good things about the experience. I'm so glad I found her and wholeheartedly urge anyone who feels stuck to contact her! ” – Melinda G.
“I have been completely blown away by your reading, I’ve had readings before but they always seemed to be completely off and didn’t make sense and honestly I wasn’t expecting anything different this time. But wow. I can validate almost all of it. After reading the messages that were sent (and crying for about 10 minutes because of the shock of it all and the accuracy) I did find “some” of the strength I had locked away deep inside. Again thank you sooo much, your reading helped me more than anything else.” – Melissa D.
“Dear Melanie: From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank you for bringing me these beautiful messages. Of course as I read through the reading and tears streamed down my face, there are many things in the reading that intuitively I already know, but it’s like a constant battle between my head and my heart and soul. The best thing that I could do right now is just be still shut off the mind turn up the soul let it lead the way. Thank you!” – Christine R.
“Your reading was AMAZING and INSIGHTFUL....had to get the tears out of my eyes so I could type this. All I can say is that your reading really really really made sense and I thank you for the additional insight that I was looking for.” – J.R.
“When my friend gave me Melanie’s email I thought it would be a waste of time. I could not have been more wrong. As I read my reading I got chills. Everything was right on. I only gave Melanie my name but it was like she traveled into my mind and past. With my reading complete I look forward to my future. Thank you Melanie and I wish you all the best.” – Janie
“I received you reading and it was dead on. everything you said is true and accurate. I wasn’t really a believer until I got your reading. You convinced me.” – William D.

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“Melanie Jade Rummel is an amazing, inspirational spiritual teacher. Her work has been a huge influence on my life and business. I have the highest opinion of her, not only as a person, but as a lightworker, as well. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Yancy L.
“This reading was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it by far exceeded anything I could have expected. It was so positive and warm and loving and I’m so glad I did this. I still think of the message I got often and it brightens my day. Thank you again for your guidance and time. Much appreciated!” – Brandi R.
“Thank you so much for your reading! It left me speechless because it is so true..the funny thing is that you didn’t even see me and you were able to write things about me that nobody knows..thank you so much Mel for your reading..you were very kind and brought me joy and a huge smile on my face..I will keep you updated in a couple of months..May you be blessed with much light and love..” – Diana F.
“Thank you so much! I am so relieved after the reading. You can't even imagine. After a long time I actually had a good sleep. The reading was so positive, full of warm and comfort. I will always cherish this experience and listen to the recording whenever I need to be comforted.” – Shradhaa K.
“I really enjoyed my reading I loved the stars! It’s something I will refer to often. I will definitely have another reading with you in the future. You are kind warm and gentle. I can imagine little fairy footprints all over the desk where you sit typing up the readings for your friends. Yes everyone we’re Melanie’s friends, not her clients. That’s how I feel about having a reading with Melanie, I live in Australia, but I feel like we’re good friends and the reading was done just like that, like Melanie was doing a reading over a cup of tea and chocolate chip biscuit with her friend (me) sitting across the table from her. Thanks a million stars Miss Melanie!” – Susan H.
“I really appreciated your reading Melanie. Been going through some heartache these past weeks with my boyfriend breaking up with me. And when I received your guidance and reading, it was enlightning and encouraging. It is definitely amazing how you saw the same lyrics of the song that my ex had expressed at the time of our breakup. And it was touching and comforting how you and your guides offered me great advice as I am going through this. As I have mentioned it is hard for me to do my own tarot cards in these times of stress due to wishful thinking and being more emotionally invested, but what a comfort and how thrilling it is to know that you too had some of those cards repeat in your reading. Truly inspirational–thank you! In a few more weeks, I will be glad if you could do another reading =)” – Jenelle R.

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“I really enjoyed talking to you. You have tremendous insight and inner peace and it's unusual in this day and age. It's inspiring to have someone speak to some of the most difficult elements of my life so genuinely. I've never done a reading before, and from our conversation, there's no doubt you're very different than what someone would expect.” – Michael B.
“Oh my gosh! Everything you said sounds so right! The friend I had email you said that it is amazing how RIGHT ON you were!” – Casey S.
“Thank you for your wonderful reading. You spoke so much about spirituality and it is the main focus of my life right now. I’m glad to have received it from you and with your blog you bring such joy to a day. I hope to come back to you if ever I need some further insight in the future.” – Kristiana L.
“Thank you so much for the reading. Your words made me cry, they rang so true. I am exactly where you described me to be, it was as if you were reading my soul. I felt a deep sense of peace after I read your email – I felt myself expand with love and light and peace. You have given me everything I have asked for and more.” – Julie S.
“Thank you SO much for my reading. You made me feel, right from your first email, that you really wanted to do my reading. That you understood that I was letting you look into this life of mine and my feelings and you would handle them with care and respect. Of course, I had an idea of what is going on in my life right now but it was just so good to get my ideas confirmed. You really picked up on so much and you showed me how positive, everything that is happening really is. Ha! When you told me about my future, I could believe it, because you had already confirmed what is happening right now and everything that led up to my current situation. You have an amazing gift, I am so glad that I trusted you to do my reading. You see everything in such a positive way. I can imagine that a lot of people would be afraid to allow a stranger to really see into their lives and their thoughts. I hope that anyone who feels that way will find you, so that you can show them a whole new, positive way of understanding their life. Thank you again, you answered all my questions and more.” – Brenda C.
“I found working with Melanie to be an extraordinary pleasure. I knew from an earlier communication with her that she cared about the outcome of my experience with her reading for me. The reading itself was very detailed. I asked about certain people and on one particular person, she was able to describe very precisely the feelings in our relationship while not knowing how we were actually related. She expanded on that and gave me future information on that relationship. She was able to clarify the answers of many questions I’d asked myself already. For my future career, she hit on a word that was the exact one I had been thinking about. Her descriptions were on target and she allowed me to ask a question about one of her answers which I appreciated very much. Melanie’s reading was clear, accurate and compassionate. I highly recommend her. ” – Kimberly N.

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“Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative I am for the effort you have poured into this. It has exceeded my expectations-blown them out of the water actually!” – Jag D.
“I was truly amazed by my reading with Melanie, her accuracy is right on point! She confirmed so much of what I already knew, and this was the first time I had ever spoken to her. Not only that, I recently had a reading with a psychic that wanted to charge me an additional $400 for a spiritual cleaning. Not only was Melanie not like that, she even extended the reading because she had a bit of a cough, and did not want me to suffer for that, even though that was not her fault! She truly is a beautiful soul, and it was a blessing to be in contact with one so enlightened. I highly recommend Melanie to everyone, and I plan to sign up for her spiritual classes soon!” – Marie H.
“By far, the best thing I did for myself this year was to work with you. You helped me have many important breakthroughs this year, professionally and emotionally, and there’s really no price tag that can be put on that.” – Jessica V.
“Thank you so much for your reading. I felt you were able to touch upon several points that I had reflected on myself, but never really shared with anyone. I also shared it with one of my best friends and she said it was truly very spot on. I will take this wonderful advice and work it into something that fulfills me for the new year.” – Coral D.
“Thank you so so much, you have no idea what that meant to me…I really appreciate what you do and I am absolutely happy that I found you…everything resonated so much, and it was so different than what I expected…so thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Soledad L.

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“First and foremost, thank you so much for such a wonderful “Evening with Spirit”. You definitely have a beautiful gift as well as a beautiful spirit. The readings that we all had were not only accurate, but were also delivered in such a loving and caring way. I have had readings with other mediums in the past, and I can almost feel a sense of being rushed, which was totally different with you. I could tell that you sincerely wanted each person to receive the messages and guidance that they were searching for, regardless of the time it took. So thank you so much for that. I also must thank you for my personal reading and helping me to meet my spirit guide, Phillip.” – Nicole W.
“Melanie is the real deal. In my first-ever reading by a psychic medium, I was amazed at how she immediately made contact with my loved one and knocked over by the right-on information she imparted. It was a warm and uplifting experience. Giver her a try!” – Lynn P.
“I wanted to let you know that I’ve listened to our call four times since we spoke! It has been such a HUGE comfort to me. Your warm, kind spirit made it such a great experience.” – Emily M.

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“I really enjoyed talking to you. You have tremendous insight and inner peace, and that is unusual in this day and age. It's inspiring to have someone speak to some of the most difficult elements of my life so genuinely. I've never done a reading before, and from our conversation, there's no doubt you're very different than what someone would expect” – Michael B.
“Thank you so much Melanie! I really enjoyed my reading because ... you "see" things & situations so clearly! This is very helpful and it does give me more clarity about what's been going on "in my world" and clues about what to look forward to.” – Cristina K.
“The reading you did for me is wonderful!! Thank you with all my heart and soul!!! I highly recommend Melanie because she is a gifted Medium. She is accurate and patient and speaks clearly. You will not be disappointed!!” – Nancy T.
“Thank you so much for everything! I noticed after getting off the phone with you that I felt "lighter" physically - I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much for taking so much time on my reading and for your very helpful advice and resources.” – Michelle B.
“Your reading was EXACTLY what I've been desperately searching for! I can't wait to listen to it again! I'm ready to stop being afraid and I have you to thank for that- that is an incredibly powerful gift =) ” – Sheel B.

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