Moving Back to Texas

Hi Friends!

Mark and I went on our first Texas walk today after being gone for almost two years, and I’ve decided to share some of the pretty pictures I took of the wildflowers with you. We’ve decided to live in Texas for the next year to be near our family.

Making the mental transition from vagabond to having our own home for an extended period of time has been an interesting journey. I’ve realized during the past two years that I can feel at home anywhere in the world. I’ve also realized that there’s a big difference between feeling at home everywhere and having a home. While the former may be very freeing, the latter has a feeling of grounding and stability that I am looking for right now.

During this transition time, I’ve been taking extra care of myself and paying attention to when I need quiet time. Usually my sign is that I start getting really crabby and making sarcastic comments. Ha! That’s when I think, “Uh oh. Okay, need some alone time.”

Yesterday, Mark and I found an apartment we think we will rent. We go tomorrow to take another look and sign paperwork. I’ve started feeling that inkling of excitement about decorating and painting in fun, bright colors. Having our own space again will be quite lovely, actually. And even better, the apartment complex is right next to a beautiful biking/walking trail that goes for miles over creeks and through trees. It’s so beautiful!

Even though I didn’t think a few years ago that we would choose to live in Texas again, it feels like the right step for now, and I am really looking forward to all the joys and experiences this new adventure will bring.

Much love to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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  • Five Seed

    Yay! I look forward to hearing how things go!

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Five Seed! We were approved for our apartment today, so we move in June 14th. We’re SO SO excited!!!! We found a place by a DART train station and miles of walking/biking trails, so we’re not going to have to get a car! We’re super excited about making it work without a car. The DART has stations throughout Dallas, so we’ll be able to use it to see our family, go to events downtown, and get to a Whole Foods. Yea!

  • Alexis

    Hope Dallas treats you well! I’ve been here about a decade and I have to say, its been a pleasure residing here. Its one of those cities, where even now, I’m still discovering new fun places to go, whether it be a shop, a restaurant, etc which provides fun little adventures to look forward to. Its a great place, just as long as you can learn to peacefully co-exist with the extreme bi-polar weather!

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Thank you, Alexis! Mark and I actually both grew up in this area. I grew up north of Dallas and then spent several years living in Plano and Wylie. When we started traveling, it was to find a place to settle down that had mountains and ocean and trees. However, as we traveled to different places, we realized the most important thing for us right now is to be near our family. Even though I didn’t recognize all the great opportunities and things to do in Dallas before, I am really excited about exploring more and getting to know and love the city. I feel even more inspired after reading your comment. Thank you for sharing your love of Dallas with me 🙂

      Many blessings to you! 

      Melanie Jade 🙂