That Makes It Easier!

1231538_sunflowerI learned a new motto during meditation – “That makes it easier.”  Anytime I may view a situation as a hindrance to what I want, I will say, “That makes it easier,” and believe it to be true.  I know that everything happens for a positive reason, so everything in our lives must be helping us toward what we truly want.

This can be used in any area of life where we’re seeing obstacles instead of opportunities.  However, I first used it when I was beginning my meditation.  I told myself my eyes were too tired to meditate and started feeling disappointed.  Then I heard, “That makes it easier.”  Then I grew impatient with my mental chatter because I wanted to relax and meditate.  I heard, “That makes it easier.”  Instead of struggling with the reality of the situation, I saw it as a blessing.  Immediately, I felt more relaxed.  I realized again that perspective is everything.  I lightened up and had a great meditation.

I have since used this phrase to help me see the positive in many different situations in my life.  Here is how I use it:

  • As soon as anything happens that seems in any way negative, I immediately say, “That makes it easier.”  My mind is immediately shifted into finding the opportunity in the situation.
  • My next question is, “Okay, how does this make it easier?”  I look over the situation and the results until I find a way it makes my life easier.  If I’m having difficulty at first seeing how it makes it easier, I say to myself, “I’m not aware yet how this makes it easier, but I know it does and I am thankful.”

Here is another example.  The day I learned this phrase, I was happily using it all the time.  That evening, Mark and I were cleaning out his car when I dropped a five-pound weight on my thumb.  Ahhggg!  I wrapped my fingers around my thumb, repeating to myself, “That makes it easier!  That makes it easier!” like a mantra.  As I was hopping around the parking lot in pain and holding my thumb, I then asked myself, “How does it?  How does it!”  Finally, I realized that because I hurt my thumb I could sit in the warm car, out of the cold, while Mark finished cleaning out the car.  Yea!  See, it did make my life easier.  Ha!  I am an amazing manifester.

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